Launcher v2.0 now out

We are thrilled to announce the the next major version of Launcher is out on the App Store today. It took by far the biggest development effort so far to get this version complete and out of the door. A special thanks to all of our great beta testers for helping test all of the great, new features.

The new features in v2.0 are:

  1. Multiple Widgets! This greatly increases the number of launchers you can have in your Notification Center and helps the organization of your launchers. Each widget can be configured to show or hide based on time, day, and/or location, which is functionality never before seen in the App Store. Set up widgets for home, work, the gym, morning, weekdays, or whatever you can come up with so that you always have relevant launchers at your fingertips.
  2. iCloud backup and restore of launchers to make your life easier when you install Launcher on multiple devices or upgrade your device.
  3. More icon customization including circular icons and the ability to create your own custom icons to help personalize your launchers.