It’s 2013, I live in San Francisco, and I’m starting a new company to make iPhone apps. That is quite the cliche.

However, like most startups you hear about these days, I am not trying to get rich and I don’t plan on creating a billion dollar company. I’m not a 24 year old with a once in a lifetime idea convinced he is going to change the world. Instead, I am a grizzled 38 year old software developer and if all goes to plan I will be the only employee my company ever has. I don’t plan on taking any VC money, selling the company to the highest bidder, or going public ever. Hey, you never know, though, things change.

My plan is to create a company which creates useful and fun smartphone apps and if all goes well, perhaps someday those apps will produce enough income that it will pay my bills and be my only job. I am currently still doing some consulting on the side until that day comes, if it ever does.

There has never been another time where it was easier and cheaper to start your own company and so I have taken the plunge. Along the way, I plan on blogging about the experience in case there is anyone out there who will find the journey interesting and/or informative.

Feel free to leave comments, critiques, or insult me along the way.


Getting Started

I plan to put stuff up here as I get my company off the ground. I may stop posting at any time, so be forewarned. Not like anyone is going to read this.